McMurtry is coming to Sandpoint

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James McMurtry is coming to Sandpoint?
Count me in.
How can I miss this show?
Haven’t missed very many of ’em in Austin. That’s for sure. Not in ten years. Wednesdays wouldn’t be the same without a little Johnny Nicholas at the Saxon or Jon Dee and McMurtry over at the Continental.

It’s performers like these that keep folks like me in Austin, Texas.
Except for a summer now and then.
Hey, I’m not the only one to make an escape from the heat.
Ben Thompson got out. So did Townes.
In North Idaho today it topped out at 61 degrees. Got wool socks on.


So yes, when one of the best damn songwriters around comes to your hometown, you go see his band…
Besides, I’m homesick. Austin is a long, long way away.
But sometimes the music comes to you.
That’s what troubadours do.

If I knew how, I’d post the video of McMurtry performing “Peter Pan.”
Or “Hurricane Party.” Or “Melinda” if I could find it.
But I don’t know how to do that. And I’m not gonna learn right now.
I’ve got fish to catch.

Thanks for coming to North Idaho, Mr. McMurtry.
They are your kind of folks up here, I’m guessing.
I hope you catch some fish. Kokanee are biting on Lake Pend Oreille.
Bull River just across the state line in Montana has pretty good fly fishing I hear.
Caught a nice Brookie there a couple summers ago.

Here’s a pretty good bass I caught the day before.